We spend time at Agnes building relationships with innovators who are working to improve the health & wellbeing of the elderly and vulnerable in our community. As part of this work, we are facilitating a panel session of innovators at ITAC 2020.

The problem our community of innovators work on is similar to the question the Aged Care Royal Commission is asking. That is, how can innovative models of care be developed with an increased use of technology? At ITAC 2020, the innovation panel will be sharing how they are thinking about this.

Our aged care system is facing a point of tension between a demand to improve the level of care provided, and the need to become more efficient in the delivery of that care. We believe resolving these competing demands will come from creative solutions, which need to be founded in a collaborative environment.

The panel at ITAC 2020 will discuss what this collaborative environment should look like. How we bring together aged care providers, industry leaders and innovators to provide the best possible care, in a sustainable way.

It will be interesting to hear the thoughts of:
Allison Nikula – Founder and CEO of CareApp
Simon Heaysman – Co Founder and COO of hayylo
Mathieu Bertrand – Co-Founder and COO of Home Care Heroes
Nan Yu – Founder and CEO of My Dementia Companion
Heath Shonhan – Partner at Bentleys Qld and Founder of Care Factor

I am looking forward to facilitating the panel and learning more about the creative mindsets and contribution these innovators are making.