Good business practice involves knowing who you are, and how you share your story.

Your story informs your business direction as you grow. It aligns your team and it captures potential customers. How do you tell your story to enable your audience to be engaged and inspired?

Sarah Green from OfCharacter hosted a PR Masterclass at Agnes. The learnings and value from the session continue to being realised.

Sarah described the ways a start-up can use media, stakeholders and events to tell their start-up story.
The highlights of Sarah’s masterclass:

The answer to why you started your business can be more important to your potential customer than the product you have created.

Know where your potential customers are. Facebook? LinkedIn? A trade show. Be there.

Work together to make a bigger pie. Don’t fight over the crumbs.

Be ready to convert an enquiry to a customer before you take on PR.

Sarah’s Masterclass enabled our companies to formulate their values, their story, and their ability to capture their customer. Read Sarah’s interview with Smart Company on the do’s and don’t of PR for small businesses.

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