I hope you are staying safe and connected through the second wave of COVID.

As a community, in a short period of time we have adapted and responded to the changed environment of COVID-19. Of the many predictions about what a post -COVID world might look like, one stands out – the changes will be continual and evolving.

I thought I would share some tools that may be helpful in the uncertain business environment we face. Heath Shonhan and I are using these tools in a workshop we are running next week on innovation in aged care. Helping aged care providers with the changes in their industry.

A link to an animated 3 minute video on the Business Model Canvas (BMC) is here. What could be valuable is to find some time to watch the video and then reflect on your business, or a problem you are working on, and plot out your own business model, on the one page canvas found in here.

With the changes brought about by COVID-19, it may be a way of visualising and communicating through how you will approach the new environment.