At Agnes, our strength grows when we ask for advice and learn from those around us. A dynamic network spurs growth in early commercialisation. Understanding your market is critical to retaining your current clients and winning new business. Value is added to the marketing cycle by gaining client insights and transforming it in a valuable and meaningful way.

Agnes Community Member, My Safety Buddy, has embarked on a second phase of business development which sees the My Safety Buddy value proposition mature beyond product development to enhanced support.

My Safety Buddy CEO Travis Holland says, “A deeper understanding of our clients’ needs brought us to the conclusion that successful implementation of My Safety Buddy required us to provide product and support bundles that were more easily understood by our clients”.

My Safety Buddy has developed 5 plans providing differing levels of product functionality and additional support. “The needs of a small business with 50 users are vastly different to that of a larger organisation looking to protect the safety of 1,000 lone workers. Our plans have been developed with our different user segments in mind.”

As a result new support services have been added to the My Safety Buddy offering. Both administrators and users now have access to the newly launched My Safety Buddy Learning Centre. The Learning Centre provides a series of online modules to meet the scheduling needs of clients with large teams and the financial constraints faced by smaller organisations.

To further support its clients, My Safety Buddy has added live chat to its range of client support channels, giving clients real time, two way dialogue with a support specialist.