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hayylo is a cloud-based  platform that is designed for aged, disability and home health care providers. hayylo creates value in the customer experience by enhancing the connection between providers, teams and customers.

“Working with Chris and the team at Agnes has been invaluable for us as we scale up across the sector. Being able to connect with other founders and share our insights has really elevated our ability to grow. Chris and his team bring years of industry and business knowledge that allows us to move fast in response to the sectors ever evolving needs”.

– Simon, hayylo

Why we like working with hayylo

hayylo is improving health outcomes for the elderly and vulnerable by removing the communication gap between a care recipient and the formal & informal care networks.  Greg and Simon, the co-founders, set out to solve this major pain point in the aged care system. The result of their work is improving levels of satisfaction for both the care recipient and the care providers.


Lively is a not-for-profit with an innovative care model that aims to reduce social isolation amongst older people and unemployment amongst the young.

4 in 10 older people feel isolated and disconnected. 13% of Australia’s young people can’t find a job. And 66% of Australians have negative attitudes towards older community members. Lively’s model of care tackles these issues by employing young people to help older people stay connected and live well, while forming meaningful relationships that break down ageist attitudes and stereotypes.

“Chris and the team have been such a fantastic support for us at Lively. The combination of funding, mentoring and connections to other like-minded people and organisations has played a huge role in our early growth, learning and development as an organisation. It’s been such an open and supportive relationship and we look forward to continuing the journey together!”

Anna, Lively

Why we like working with Lively

One the Terms of Reference for the Aged Care Royal Commission’s is how to deliver aged care services in a sustainable way with innovative care models. With an ageing nation, and diminishing opportunities for entry level work for our young, Lively is changing the way these two groups of people in our community are valued and supported.


Umps supports the safety and independence of older Australians at home using smart home health & well being technology. Umps provides smart plugs that fit between any appliance and wall socket.  Umps then measures when a person uses these appliances and learns a person’s individual daily routine. Umps raises an alert if a change in routine could indicate the presence of a health issue.

Why we like working with Umps

Agnes is an investor in Umps. We work with Adam and Geoff, the co-founders, because of their vision to enable the elderly and vulnerable to live safely in their homes. As we age as a nation, most care will be delivered in a person’s home. The use of technology to improve health outcomes is a critical part of how we improve the way older Australians live.


“The thing I most appreciate about working with the team at Agnes is their ability to make us take a step back and look at the bigger issues in terms of where Milanote is at and where we want to be. They also have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with things like management, strategy, finance and other concrete areas where their advice has made a difference.

As investors in Milanote, they always do two things really well. The first is to be extremely supportive and encouraging of our goals for the business. The second is to challenge us when they think we should be thinking about things differently, going faster, or taking bigger risks to achieve those goals.”

Ollie, Milanote

RealTime Agent

“Agnes has helped refine Real Time Agent’s message of why? They have helped shed light on the importance how to succinctly communicate why we do what we do and where we are heading. As a seed investor in our business, Agnes has been a supporter of Real Time Agent as we moved from early commercialisation into our next stage of growth. An example of this was the feedback we received from Agnes as we prepared for our Series A. It helped us refine our thinking and approach to the capital raising process.

The Agnes network has also helped Real Time Agent. Working from our own office can often leave us isolated from like minded business owners. Agnes has provided us with the opportunity to mix with other businesses across different industries to gain a more holistic view to doing business.”

Daniel, RealTime Agent

What we learnt from Real Time Agent

Agnes was an early stage investor in Real Time Agent.  Daniel and Angus, the co-founders, were able to solve a pain point they saw in the market. They moved quickly from early commercialisation to growth through their ability to understand their clients needs and the use of the right channels for product uptake.

In November 2019, Real Time Agent was acquired by Domain in a successful exit for their clients, employees and shareholders.

Enrol Now

“We love working with Agnes for many reasons. I would sum it up by the feeling we have when we leave a meeting with Chris, we always feel invigorated, focused and proud of what we have achieved.

Chris has an extremely positive style. During a startup and scaleup mode, the day to day business is all consuming. Working with the team at Agnes has helped us step back and think strategically about EnrolNow, what we need to do for the business in the short term and the long term. Chris has helped us stay focused on sales and growth targets. He also asks some challenging questions around the business direction, our brand, our target customer. His advice and input always comes from a position of understanding our desired direction for our business.”

– Tania, EnrolNow


“Ngarrimili decided to move to Agnes because of the opportunity to work in an environment with a diverse range of people and businesses that are connected via a set of common values around delivering positive social impact.

Given that the essence of Ngarrimili is about supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve economic empowerment through enterprise, we believe that being exposed to, learning from and working with a diverse group of people that are connected via the common thread of social impact is a great place for us to both work from and expose our participants to.

Agnes presents a great opportunity for Ngarrimili and its participants to learn new ways of doing things, be inspired by the work of others and tap into the tremendous networks that already exist within the Agnes ecosystem.”

– Cormach, Ngarrimili

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