We work with for profit and not-for-profit businesses. For us, it is the vision for change that is everything. We believe purpose driven organisations grow better – that those who live by their mission deliver greater returns and do greater social good.

We align with purpose-led organisations to help them grow and realise their vision to affect positive social change.

Who we’ve
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hayylo is a cloud-based  platform that is designed for aged, disability and home health care providers. hayylo creates value in the customer experience by enhancing the connection between providers, teams and customers.

“Working with Chris and the team at Agnes has been invaluable for us as we scale up across the sector. Being able to connect with other founders and share our insights has really elevated our ability to grow. Chris and his team bring years of industry and business knowledge that allows us to move fast in response to the sectors ever evolving needs”.

– Simon, hayylo

Why we like working with hayylo

hayylo is improving health outcomes for the elderly and vulnerable by removing the communication gap between a care recipient and the formal & informal care networks.  Greg and Simon, the co-founders, set out to solve this major pain point in the aged care system. The result of their work is improving levels of satisfaction for both the care recipient and the care providers.


Umps supports the safety and independence of older Australians at home using smart home health & well being technology. Umps provides smart plugs that fit between any appliance and wall socket.  Umps then measures when a person uses these appliances and learns a person’s individual daily routine. Umps raises an alert if a change in routine could indicate the presence of a health issue.

Why we like working with Umps

Agnes is an investor in Umps. We work with Adam and Geoff, the co-founders, because of their vision to enable the elderly and vulnerable to live safely in their homes. As we age as a nation, most care will be delivered in a person’s home. The use of technology to improve health outcomes is a critical part of how we improve the way older Australians live.

Like Family

Like Family is tackling the preventative healthcare space using their technology platform to personalise the customer experience.  They focus on non-medical and companionship care services delivered by vetted local Social Carers to address mental and physical health concerns before they become medical issues.

Like Family are also growing the healthcare workforce, adding Social Carers who are able to gain experience in the health and care industry that is drastically understaffed.  Not only do they gain valuable skills as Social Carers but they are able to use technology to assist the customers they work with.


Lively is a not-for-profit with an innovative care model that aims to reduce social isolation amongst older people and unemployment amongst the young.

4 in 10 older people feel isolated and disconnected. 13% of Australia’s young people can’t find a job. And 66% of Australians have negative attitudes towards older community members. Lively’s model of care tackles these issues by employing young people to help older people stay connected and live well, while forming meaningful relationships that break down ageist attitudes and stereotypes.

“Chris and the team have been such a fantastic support for us at Lively. The combination of funding, mentoring and connections to other like-minded people and organisations has played a huge role in our early growth, learning and development as an organisation. It’s been such an open and supportive relationship and we look forward to continuing the journey together!”

Anna, Lively

Why we like working with Lively

One the Terms of Reference for the Aged Care Royal Commission’s is how to deliver aged care services in a sustainable way with innovative care models. With an ageing nation, and diminishing opportunities for entry level work for our young, Lively is changing the way these two groups of people in our community are valued and supported.

My Dementia Companion

My Dementia Companion is improving the way people living with dementia, and their carers, are supported. Based on research, My Dementia Companion guides family and friends through the dementia caring journey via user friendly technology.

With an estimated 460,000 Australians living with dementia, there are a further 1.6 million people in Australia involved in their care. With no cure, and more elderly Australians choosing to live in their own home, innovative care models enabled through technology is vital for people with dementia.

“Chris is an amazing mentor and cheer leader for passionate founders. His experience in business and aged care helped me to navigate a complex operating environment. Chris’s ability counsel and guide me through a highly uncertain and vague path of an early stage startup was extremely helpful.”

Nan, My Dementia Companion

My Safety Buddy

My Safety Buddy is an innovative solution to manage lone worker safety. Leveraging a smartphone app and web portal technology,  My Safety Buddy enables organisations to meet their duty of care obligations to their lone and isolated workers.

“Time with Chris helps me to see the bigger picture, gain clarity for future direction, layout the roadmap for MSB, and prioritise the business efforts accordingly.  My regular meetings with Chris hold me accountable for items being prioritised and actioned. Working with Agnes also reinforces my confidence that MSB will be a success for the users it has been designed to support, for the team that work for MSB, and for myself.”

Travis, My Safety Buddy 



Lumin is a freestanding, simplified touch screen enhancing the lives of the elderly in their own home. Lumin keeps the older person in touch with family, friends or carers through one touch phone or video calls, instant messages and photo sharing.

Lumin also enables telehealth and telemedicine, as well as helping with medication reminders and alerts. Lumin also has an emergency button to help  in case of distress.

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